San Jose Sharks Give Fans That Sinking Feeling

Game 7 on home ice? Will Pavel Datsyuk be wearing a red jersey again?! PANIC!!

The Sharks weren’t saying that after the Wings pulled off another come-from-behind victory in Game 6 Tuesday night in Detroit. They were trying to play it all cool, because, after all, , they have one more chance for this not to turn into a nightmare. But they backed themselves into the need for psychiatry, , and have handed the Red Wings the opportunity for the heroic comeback.

On the Wings’ side, they claim not a moment of doubt that this was possible, . Detroit has not become by withering in tough situations and the Wings were simply too stubborn to let San Jose skate away with this, . Nothing rattled them until Gordie Howe walked into their locker room to congratulate them, . Yes, San Jose has contributed enough of its own gaffes to the effort, , but goalie Antti Niemi also while feeling like an arcade duck facing 45 shots. He finally cracked in the third period, opening up the idea — by the former N.H.L. defenseman Aaron Ward — that they came down with San Jose-itis.

The leading cause of San Jose-itis, however, is Datsyuk, who is the N.H.L.’s least known and most underappreciated superstar. (As a helper, it’s pronounced Dot-sook.) He has been mesmerizing in this series. Consider on the Wings’ go-ahead goal and realize that play is absolutely ordinary in Datsyukworld.

And yes, San Jose, he’ll be on the ice for Game 7. Don’t look so distraught. Breathe.

Coyotes fans in Phoenix — insert joke here on how large a number that would be — are breathing a bit easier after the that will keep the team there for at least another year. That means Winnipeg will now start eyeing the wobbling Atlanta Thrashers, or perhaps the increasingly unprofitable Columbus Blue Jackets, who announced .

The N.B.A. has a close, if not entirely riveting, series going on between Chicago and Atlanta. Because Tuesday night was Game 5, it was the Bulls’ turn to benefit from the series’ momentum seesaw, . Chicago is learning that as good as Derrick Rose is, it’s how well the supporting casts supports him that will determine its fate, .

While the Heat tries to finish off its series against the Celtics Wednesday night — with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James now saying by the Celtics’ Big 3 — there is continuing fallout from the Lakers’ collapse. Andrew Bynum tried saying the right things after the N.B.A. suspended him for five games next season for his assault on J. J. Barea, although that it rang hollow.

Golf is trying to interrupt playoff fever with Tiger Woods at the Players Championship for the first time since injuring himself during the Masters. This comes with the news that than his game these days.

Sadder news comes from Churchill Downs, where in his car Wednesday morning, and from New York, where the sports newspaper cartoonist .

You have a feeling Gallo would have had a field day with a team like the Sharks. But we are only left to imagine that.

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