Miami Heat’s Start Isn’t That Hot

Oh, yeah, they have to play those. Eighty-two of them, in fact.

Clearly, the Heat was not prepared for this, looking rather lousy in losing to Boston, 88-80, in an underwhelming start for the LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh threesome, . Boston fans thought they were ready to rock the first turn at tormenting James, but clearly needed more time to think of an improvement on the lame “Queen James” signs. The new Celtics center, Shaquille O’Neal, is clearly not in late-season form yet because he to seal the victory.

Yes, James scored 31 points and impressed a lot of people with his new Nike ad, but that the adjustments he is trying to make to his game do not look so good yet. he will have a very hard time adjusting to life outside the cocoon that pampered him in Cleveland. Meshing three superstars’ games (and egos) is not going to be all fun and games, . But, , the bad news for the rest of the league is, as badly as it played Tuesday, Miami still almost won.

The fixation on the Heat — and expect this to be a recurring theme this season, an epidemic even — overlooked the fact that the Celtics are championship contenders again, . Oh, and those guys out west, the Lakers, they played, too, after collecting their championship rings and acting every bit like a dynasty, .

Those things, however, received less ink than James’s new ad, which is getting rave reviews but that it is a perfect reflection of our culture, and not in a good way. It has no courage.

The Knicks managed to nose their way into the N.B.A. news and not in a good way, with about illegal workouts of draft prospects, which is proof that Isiah Thomas is still haunting them.

If you find it hard to carry opening day interest into Game 2 of 82 N.B.A. regular-season games, baseball kicks off the World Series just in time for you. And while everyone is predicting low ratings, that it really could be the most compelling Series in years. lauds it for having two teams easy to love. Cliff Lee has become the ultimate center of attention, something he usually responds to by being as boring as humanly possible, but this time decided to admit because they got rid of him, but didn’t mind that they lost. The Rangers could not have been more thrilled the Phillies (and then Mariners) passed him along, because the minute he arrived, the Rangers became a different team, .

If you cannot root for either team, you may be able to root for the order of nuns in Baltimore who are that was left to them when one nun’s brother died.

On a completely unreligious note, the for whining and nothing at all for his illegal U-turn from Brett Favre apologist to quarterback basher on Sunday. Things are even worse in Cowboys country, where Tony Romo’s broken collarbone will and leaves the team in Jon Kitna’s well-traveled hands.

Cowboys fans — or anyone who did a lot of sighing while reading all of this — might consider cheering themselves up with thoughts of Halloween costumes. A set of hockey fans came up with a wonderful tribute to and Bubba Watson puts a whole new face on professional golf .

Trust us, watching it will be way more fun than an N.B.A. regular-season game.

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