Celtics fail to finish again

The Boston Celtics have squandered too many games already this season and the 114-118 loss to the Phoenix Suns was yet another example of the lack of focus the team has down the stretch.  After fighting back from a 14-point deficit taking a two point lead with under a minute.  The Suns then went on a 6-0 run to take the lead for good.

“I don’t think there is any question [we need to be better],” Head Coach Brad Stevens said of the late game performance. “I think that’s an easy one. It’s easier said than done. I think the guys did a great job [with the comeback], until about the last minute or so.”

The Celtics have little time to regroup but should not take the 0-10 Philadelphia 76er’s too lightly.  They are desperate for a win and if it comes down to the stretch run, the Celtics will have to overcome.  Plenty of great seats and affordable tickets are still available so be sure to get yours now!

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