Celtics add three guards and a forward

The Boston Celtics had a busy draft night and opted to keep their four draft picks instead of trading up to a top 10 player although GM Danny Ainge did attempt to.

“We tried hard to trade up,” Ainge said at Boston’s Seaport Hotel on Thursday night.

But when a trade was not to be had, Ainge fell back on Red Auerbach’s famous quote, “sometimes the best trade is the one you don’t make.”

The Celtics selected Guards Terry Rozier (16th overall pick), RJ Hunter (28th overall pick), and Marcus Thornton (45th overall pick) along with Forward Jordan Mickey (28th overall pick).

Rest assured, the Celtics are not done tinkering with the roster.

“You know, our roster isn’t complete,” said Ainge. “What you see today is not what you’ll see tomorrow or next month. We’re a team that’s building for a championship, and we’ll continue to do that by trying to find the best players we can.”


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