Boston Celtics welcomes you to the 2010-11 Season

After falling to the Los Angeles Lakers in last season’s NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics haven’t so much as reloaded as they grew, by seven feet and an inch. While the signing of former Laker Shaquille O’Neal wasn’t the end all of signings, it should guarantee that should the Celtics and Lakers meet again in the Eastern Conference Finals or even the NBA Finals, Shaq will make a difference.

Head Coach Doc Rivers, who contemplated retirement due to family issues, agreed to one more year leading his squad. Is it a coincidence that the Lakers head man, Phil Jackson, who also contemplated retirement, agreed to another year soon after Coach Rivers did? We don’t think so and the buildup throughout the season for these two power-house teams to meet in the 2010/11 NBA Finals will be palpable.

So get your tickets to the next Boston Celtics game and come on out and cheer your team onto their next victory and a shot at the Larry O’Brien trophy.

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