Boston Celtics – the team

Founded in 1946, the Boston Celtics have been a major contender in the National Basketball Association for most of their career. The team has won more NBA Championships than any other team in the league, with 17. They also have the honor of claiming the longest championship winning streak of any professional sports team in North America. Other than their 17 championships, the team also claims 21 conference titles and 19 division titles.

Since 1995, the TD Garden has been the home of the Boston Celtics. Replacing the Boston Garden, the TD Garden has had several names since it opened. The original bank that bought the naming rights was bought out during construction, and the stadium was named after the new bank, requiring the construction crew to take out several seats and other features that had already been stamped with the old bank’s name.

Eventually, the company backed out of the naming rights agreement altogether. Auctions were held on eBay and fans were able to purchase naming rights for a day until the team could find a long-term sponsor. Finally, TD Banknorth bought the rights, naming the stadium TD Bank Garden in honor of the previous stadium.

Of course any team with a record like the Boston Celtics have cannot have gone too long without creating a little healthy rivalry. The team has long had a fierce rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers. Although the rivalry did cool down for a while, it has been renewed recently as the two teams have met in the post season several times. Together, the teams account for more than half of the championships in league history, meeting often. Other rivalries include the Pistons, the 76ers, the Bucks, Knicks, Pacers, and the Hawks.

Out in the community, the team is extremely active, focusing on those less fortunate in order to improve the quality of life for their neighbors and fans. Although they do help anyone in need through financial contributions, donations, and their time, the Boston Celtics focus mainly on the next generation. Educational, health, and other children’s issues are at the forefront of the team’s charitable contributions and hearts.

The Boston Celtics have had a long and interesting history full of excitement and change. They were the first team to draft an African American player, have had 31 Hall of Famers, and are said to have had one of the greatest front lines ever seen in the league. According to the team, the “Greatest Game Ever Played” was one in which they managed to defeat the Suns in triple overtime during game five of the Championship Series in 1976.

The most celebrated team in the NBA, the Boston Celtics have had their share of triumphs and letdowns, but have never been boring. The team is active on the court and off, giving their fans a group of true town heroes to look up to. Not only do the staff and players of the Celtics strive to be the best in basketball, but they also support, encourage, and lift up their local community in every way they can.

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