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Boston Celtics

One of the original group of NBA basketball teams, the Boston Celtics finished their inaugural 1947 season with a lot of room for improvement. At the time of their creation, the league was called the “Basketball Association of America” (or the BAA) until the BAA joined with the NBL in 1950 to form the National Basketball Association that still exists today. The team wasn’t always the successful franchise we know them as today; it wasn’t until 1950 that the Celtics would post a winning record. This was accomplished with the addition of legendary coach Red Auerbach to the staff and a large amount of luck in landing Bob Cousy, who would soon become a superstar and Hall-of-Fame inductee. Bill Russell joined the team in 1956, adding his revolutionary shooting and post-up abilities to the team already having success with Bob Cousy. This Boston Celtics team would go on to win 8 straight championships. The team would find their biggest rival in the Los Angeles Lakers, who were led by Hall-of-Fame Center Wilt Chamberlain, facing the team in 5 of the 8 NBA Finals Championships. Although the Celtics came out the better during this era of rivalry battles, the two teams would re-ignite their rivalry in 1984, when Celtics forward Larry Bird would out-duel the Lakers’ Magic Johnson for the championship. The following year, the Lakers and Celtics met once again in the NBA finals, but this time the Lakers had another superstar, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to tip the scale in their favor for once, winning an NBA championship over the Celtics. The Celtics would fall to the Lakers and Magic Johnson’s legendary hook shot in the NBA finals once more in 1987. Although the legendary Boston Celtics played most of their franchise history at the Boston Garden, the Celtics currently play at the TD Banknorth Garden. Over their entire historic franchise career in the NBA, the Boston Celtics have won 16 NBA championships in 20 NBA Finals appearances, 20 Conference titles, and 26 division championships. The Boston Celtics have had the luxury of playing with a total of 29 Hall-of-Famers, including legendary centers Dave Cowens, and Robert Parish in addition to sharp-shooting forward, John Havlicek, and the incredible talents of legendary point-guard, Nate “Tiny” Archibald.

The legendary rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics has returned. The Celtics currently hold a 3-2 lead over the Lakers in the NBA finals, but with MVP Kobe Bryant fighting for his team against the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, it’s still up in the air. Neither Kevin Garnett nor Paul Pierce have won an NBA championship in their illustrious careers. Kevin Garnett had been single-handedly carrying the Timberwolves, and All-Star Paul Pierce had been single-handedly carrying the Celtics for almost a decade, until now, when the two superstars join forces against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals. The Boston Celtics also added a veteran sharpshooter, guard Ray Allen, to their roster for this seasons astounding season and post-season run, with a 66-16 first-place-winning record in the season and a trip all the way to the NBA finals in the post-season. Sold-out ticket sales are almost a definite every night, as Boston fans rush to the box office to purchase tickets to see this re-newed rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics. Although tickets sold quickly during the Celtics’ amazing season this year, the rivalry has attracted more and more fans, with the team selling out in tickets every night as of late.

In 2008-2009 the Defending Champion Boston Celtics are not the same team that won the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. With KG Kevin Garnett on the shelf, The Celtics will be hard pressed to repeat as champions. There wasn’t a ticket for sale as the Celts took 7 games to eliminate the upstart Chicago Bulls Game

In Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi finals, the Orlando Magic shocked the Champs with a 95-90 win in Boston. The Celts returned the favor and bounced the Magic 112-94 in game two and look to go to Orlando for the next two games. Come on out and support your Boston Celtics and pick up a ticket to history.

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