Boston Celtics Tickets

We would like to help you Support the Boston Celtics in person. The place we would recommend checking out for to get those hard to get tickets is: Get Tickets Here. Yes everyone likes to see a winning team, but going to the game is really more about “BEING THERE”. Did your parents ever take you to a live professional baseballl game? Did you ever take your kids? You know there is nothing better than being there!

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Series shifts to friendlier territory

The Boston Celtics are hoping that the confines of home will help them get off to a better start tonight in game three of this First Round series against the Atlanta Hawks.  The Hawks have gotten off to quick starts as evidenced by the 55-26 disparity in the opening quarters of their first two games.  Head Coach Brad Stevens is still pondering a lineup change for game three.

“We’ve got to be better at the start, but at the same time it’s not going to be just about the first six minutes,” said Stevens. “We’ve got to play well throughout the whole 48. [The Hawks are] playing at a really good level that we’re playing against. They’re a really good team. And so we have to play well.”

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Celtics open Playoffs against the Hawks

The Boston Celtics and their first round foe Atlanta Hawks both had early exits from the 2015 NBA Playoffs.  For the Celtics, it was an early first round bow out at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers..  For the Hawk, it was all the way in the Eastern Conference Finals where they were swept by the same Cavaliers.

Fast forward to the 2016 playoffs and the Atlanta Hawks who digressed by 12 games entering the 2016 playoffs while the Celtics improved by eight games, and while the Hawks have won the season series, the Celtics know that the playoffs is where it really counts.

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Celtics looking to the Playoffs

The Boston Celtics are currently sitting in the 4th playoff seed and if all holds, would open the 2016 NBA Playoffs against the 5th seed Miami Heat in the first round.  The Celtics hold the season series at 2-0 and have five games remaining with the season finale against the Heat.

Tonight the Celtics, off since their win against the Lakers on Sunday, will take on the New Orleans Hornets and will look to lock up home court with a win over the non-playoff bound Hornets.  Friday night, the Celtics will take on the Milwaukee Bucks with the same mindset.

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